Doing Business Globally

The key to long-term success in the global market is an in-depth understanding of the foreign business culture and etiquette. Lacking cultural sensibilities on the other hand will hinder business growth tremendously.

Market Entry Solutions

The market entry is the most crucial step in any internationalization process. Only a deep understanding of administrative procedures and coherent industry insights will build the basis for a successful expansion.

Investment Solutions

Investing overseas can create great returns. However, the right investment partner, detailed due diligence, local expertise and a suitable investment approach are crucial for a positive investment return.

E-Commerce Solutions

International e-commerce market is growing continuously. With the right placement and a tailored marketing strategy, your brand can be successful in the global e-commerce landscape.

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Swisstank Services

Market Research

The biggest challenge foreign companies face before doing business overseas is to truly understand how the global market works. Risks due to lacking knowledge can be eliminated through our experienced professionals.

Market Entry Strategy

The strategy behind any expansion is the basis to support all future business dealings and might just be the tipping point between success and failure. A strategy based on extensive experience is therefore key to enter the international market.

Marketing & Sales

Cultures vary according to each respective countries and regions, resulting in different consumer behaviour. Messages tailored to local consumers and precise targeting are therefore of utmost importance in order to generate sales.

Administrative & Legal

Foreign administrative and legal landscapes are complex. A deep understanding and experience are therefore crucial in dealing with local government regulations to realize an efficient market entry.

Cultural Services

An in-depth understanding of international business culture and etiquette is crucial for long-term success in foreign markets. With an experienced partner at your side any cultural hurdle can be taken successfully.

Scouting Trip

The only way to gain a hands-on understanding of the international business culture and insights into foreign markets is in person. This will also open ways to visit potential business partners and develop valuable relationships.

About Swisstank

SwissTank is a company dedicated to the development of brands, products and services internationally, to benefit people and improve their quality of life. We use modern tools in Design, Marketing and Business Development to grow and provide an outstanding customer experience. We mainly help brands to grow and enter new markets globally, expanding our clients’ brands overseas and create more opportunities and possibilities.

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