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Author : Sönke Brinker


In the Internet era when everyone is “Amusing Ourselves to Death”, online games are creating wealth, that no one would have expected in the past. Video gaming is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world with worldwide revenues of $78.61 bil. in 2017. The highest growing area in the gaming industry is online gaming with annual growth rates over 10%. Right now China is the biggest online gaming market in world.

The online gaming market is an attractive market, but many developers are trying to get a share of this market and competition is rising. Normally the profit margins in this industry are thin and companies have to fight hardly for every new customer. Well developed games and well structured distribution systems are required. After all, it is not easy to develop a popular game that guarantees the profits after its launch. A new promising start-up from United Kingdom is revolutionizing the gaming industry and is helping developers to boost their revenue. With their new platform developers are able to create sustainable games and generate new customers.



How they are doing it? The company uses a system, that make it easy to integrate gambling elements into a game. Basically the company uses a platform for creating, integrating and operating online casinos. The platform eliminates barriers to entry online gambling and helps to operate and monitor easily the online games. The fixed costs are dramatically decreased and developers can reduce their risks when entering the online gaming market. Now the company is building up a wallet network, where game developers will get open access to the platform to design new games and improve them. With the wallet network the company is able to generate data about the performance of the games, which helps their customers to improve their products instantly.


Is the new platform legal? The company has gaming licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and other authorities that authorize it to handle gambling and betting services for players, as long as those players are in locations where online gambling is legal. So, possible customers and investors do not have to worry about legal issues or dubious business models.


This young British start-up has a promising future and is an interesting investment project. The unique business model helps customers like game companies and game developers to lower their costs and risks, because they do not need an own gambling license and all the legal and technical infrastructure. Moreover their platform provides a network effect, which helps them to improve the performance of their own product and of the customer’s games.

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