The reasons behind Tencent’s success in the Chinese gaming industry

Author Sookie Qiu

Generally, the quintessence of social games has always been the social part rather than the game itself: users do not only compete or cooperate online, interacting offline is also part of the gaming experience.

A new way on how players interact among them has been developed by the Chinese industry Tencent whit is game “King of Glory”: friends on WeChat or QQ can invite each other to join the game and they can share weekly report and credits ranking. This strategy was capable to bring the attention of a very large audience. It is not surprising at all that Tencent, the publisher of King of Glory, is also the owner of QQ and Wechat.

Building a game based on a social platform is clearly more advantageous than expecting the users to socialize within the game. Therefore, would be easier for the players to communicate among them and, in addition, the same group cold play together in different games. Creating a game linked to a social platform has also a positive impact on the publicity: when all your friends are talking about a game, you would be most likely to try your luck too.

Although the social proprieties are playing a crucial role in attracting users, the game itself must be engaging enough to transform the new users into long-term customers. Senior practitioners of the online game industry believe that the reason why “King of Glory” has turned out to be such a success is that it has managed to solve three of the most serious issues linked to mobile games: the lack of fairness, the repetition of game experiences and the slow pace.

As a matter of fact, an average match usually lasts 40 minutes, meanwhile “King of Glory” takes only 15 to 20 minutes to complete. It is also important to mention that the game it’s a 5v5 confrontation instead of an upgrading process like RPG games: users will have several involvements teaming up with different friends, which makes it even funnier, upgrading the game experience. In addition, the competitiveness embedded in the game is extremely engaging.

All the above-mentioned features have attracted many female users and players of different ages. In fact, as the data shows, 54.1% of the users of “King of Glory” are female. Referring to the age distribution, the people between the ages of 20 and 24 are accounting for the 27.0% of the users, the largest share. This group is followed by the users of 25-29 years old, which represent the 25.4% of the players, and by the younger users, between 15 and 19 years old which account for the 22.2%.

Doubtless, the social features of the game will continue to grow with a more diversified trend. Tencent is only the pioneer of this new approach: like the gaming industry is growing itself, the social approach to games will be further expanded, providing the users a more engaged and fun experience, and an incredible success for the gaming companies.

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