In the previous articles we have introduced our investment projects services, stressing the successful consequences of an international business partnership.

This month we would like to give you an overview of the market entry services we offer. SwissTank has been more and more involved in helping Chinese companies to expand their business in the overseas market, mainly in Europe and in North America, by creating international powerful brands, by developing marketing campaigns suitable for western-consumers and by opening sales channels to enter into the foreign market.

According to the client company’s needs and capabilities, we provide custom-made solutions, from international company and trademark registrations, to market entry researches, from the strategy formulation to the sales and online and offline distributions support. In addition, with our cultural management, we aim to successfully manage our clients’ businesses through the western cultural landscape to ensure maximum value for foreign businesses.

Nowadays in China due to the more relaxed trade regulations and policies and due to the market condensation, companies seek new markets to compete where rivalry is less intense, specifically those markets where it is possible to sell their own products and services setting different price options and gaining higher margins.

Besides, obtaining a market share in the oversea market can improve the brand awareness in China, and therefore increase the domestic sales. In order to achieve this last goal, companies should be focused on creating and strengthening a new global brand. Furthermore, this concept is also reported by the Lenovo Group which stated: “By saying that they are a global company, Lenovo says they are as good as anybody else, not only just as good as anybody else in China. Chinese consumers want to feel they are buying the best there is to offer in the world, not only in China”- James Roy, Lenovo China Market Research Group. Lenovo is indeed the perfect example of how a Chinese company has made it global though investments in international branding.

Although, Lenovo is not the only international recognized Chinese company, in fact the Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma this month has met with Donald Trump and discussed plans to create 1 million US jobs by allowing small businesses to sell to China through the company’s platform, Huawei is generating 60% of its revenue outside China and other Chinese companies are increasing their market share in the foreign market like Xiaomi, YY Inc., Baidu, Little Swan, Legend Group Haier Group, or Panda.

To conclude, SwissTank is able to develop tailored solutions to internationalize your brand and capture value abroad: from the market researches and strategy formulation until the successful plan implementation and the continuous controlling and conflict management. With this approach we aim to enable Chinese enterprises a smooth and successful entry abroad because we believe that the long-term growth of Chinese companies will necessarily involve capturing value abroad.


Author: Debora Tedeschi

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