The 9th, 10th and 11th of November SwissTank attended the first China-Latin America International Fair in Zhuhai, a city in the southern China’s Guangdong province at the border with Macao and near Hong Kong.

The Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center hosted the trade fair which included economic and trade cooperation forums, product fairs and entrepreneur summits, covering commodity trade, investment cooperation and cultural exchanges. Over 500 companies from 60 countries where present at the exposition where nearly half of them were coming from Latin America and the Caribbean, and the others were companies from the Belt&Road route that have trade ties with Latin America.

The main purpose of the fair was to promote economic and cultural exchanges between China and Latin America, since it is now under construction in Zhuhai’s area Hengqin the China-Latin America Economic and Trade Cooperation Park. This park, costed 2.5 billion yuan ($378 million), is intended to “boost economic ties” between China and Latin American countries, offering several services as legal aid, policy research, trade facilitation and e-commerce services.

Did you know…?

  • Guangdong is one of the top foreign trade provinces in China. Last year, it accounted for one-sixth of China-Latin America trade. Moreover, Guangdong businesses invested $1 billion in Latin America in 2016, meanwhile investments from Latin America to Guangdong reached $1.5 billion: Guangdong accounted for one-sixth of Chinese trade with Latin America.
  • China is central for LAC trade: it is the top destination for South American exports, and the second destination for all of LAC exports, after the United States.
  • Chinese investments in Latin American and Caribbean are mainly focused on extraction as mining, drilling, and refining: this sector accounts for more than half Chinese M&A.


What SwissTank did?

SwissTank Team attended Zhuhai Fair with the aim of enlarging its global network. By presenting the company in our booth and by going around attending events and meeting potential clients and partners, we managed to increase our connections in Latin America where we are planning to broaden our distribution channels, and on the other hand we have met potential Chinese clients and associations interested in expanding their business abroad.

For us Zhuhai’s CLAC Expo was a relevant event to seek for new growth opportunities, furthermore we hope that this fair has incentivized a wider economic and trade cooperation among China and Latin America and Caribbean countries.

Author: Debora Tedeschi

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