Automotive industry 4.0 in Germany, Industry 4.0 (The Fourth Industrial Revolution), is defined by connectedness. Device are connected to other device and to human interfaces. This advancement combines the concepts of Internet of Services, Cyber-Physical Systems, and the Internet of Things. Industry 4.0 is initiated by the German government and promoted worldwide with hopes to reshape its global leading position in the industrial field. At this level, Germany’s own Industry 4.0 program places great emphasis on intelligence and virtualization of its original advanced industrial models with the help of the information industry. Below are the trends that expected to be the key for the automotive industry‘s transition.

Cloud computing: Cloud services offer easier provisioning for software development and testing, which can measurably reduce the time and money teams spend on finding, installing, and configuring hardware. Cloud computing are also useful for data storage they get from the car. The capabilities of cloud computing are perfect for running automotive businesses.

Cyber securities: Securities was expected to be one of the major keys for this transition. Nowadays, because the cars are intelligent and vulnerable to hacking, both of the vehicles themselves and the IT systems that they connect. Before Industry 4.0 the organization hasn’t need to share their data so the data never leaves the organisation but now Industry 4.0 calls for sharing the data, no more close information loop, which makes every manufacturing in automotive industry vulnerable to cyber securities threats. Cyber securities is one of the biggest challenges that automotive manufacturer will face during the industry transition.

Big Data analytics: Connected car provides a huge amount of essential datas for car manufacture. If the car manufacturer can analyse the data they can use these data to support their future’s planning for example they can understand more about their customer segments, and also can target new customers more precisely and still maintain their loyalty customers. The other important data is customer behavior with the big data analytics car manufacture will better understand customer behavior. The main challenge is the difference in customer behavior across the regions and customers segment. To succeed the car manufacturer must fully understand what customers need and their behaviors which mean that they must gain useful insight from data. The problem is “Are they gain useful insights from data?”

The automotive industry 4.0 is now underway in Germany. If the automotive manufacturers want to succeed, they need to quickly adapt to this transition, upgrade their securities to avoid worst case scenario like their customers suffer serious injure because of their connected cars got hacked. Lastly the importance of the big data, automotive manufacturers that can gain useful insight from the data will gain more advantage to their competitors. We’ll see in the near future that which company will success in the industry 4.0 transition.

Author: Sakkhun

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