In the following, we will introduce a family-owned Italian company founded in 1983 which currently employs nearly 200 individuals. The Company operates in the automotive and home appliances industry, providing highly innovative solutions. Its core business is plastic injection moulding, plastic components and alloys painting.

The Company has 3 operational plants in different regions of Italy. Its most environmentally friendly painting plant features 42 robots and possesses the technology to paint any kind of metal. The business holds a patent for the ability of integrating painting during the injection moulding process. Among its customers are some of the most illustrious names in the motorcycle and automotive industry such as BMW, Ducati, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Piaggio.

Further highlights of the company are superior technical knowledge in casting products design and development. A strong track record of in-house product innovations and design, as well as innovative and cost-efficient automated plants are other unique features of the firm. It holds the credentials for being the very first supplier located outside of the US to cater Harley Davidson, and has been decorated as ‘Best Vendor’ by BMW for many years.

The company would like to invite potential strategic investors to evaluate acquiring a mutually suitable equity interest in the company. A strategic investor would be able to expand its presence in the international automotive industry, and moreover to leverage the company’s OEM relationships in order to pitch for high growth business in the domestic market.

A company acquisition opens the door for valuable knowledge about Italian design and manufacturing. Last but not least, this acquisition would be a great opportunity for a buyer to develop not only Southern and Northern European market but also other manufacturing hubs across the world.

If you are interested in the Company and its advanced, eco-friendly and automatized manufacturing technology, please follow us and contact us for more information.

Author: Luis

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