Regarding today’s article, you will be acquainted with this German company, which is a major supplier in the automotive and general industry worldwide and having decades of experience since 1986. Its core products scope encompasses from adhesive systems, dispensing and metering, such as applicators, nozzles, system controllers to other specific and precise technical machinery.

The company manufactures components that are going to be assembled by other industrials to have a finished product, items such as applicators, nozzles, system controllers and system options. They have a wide range of customers from automotive industry to appliances. Among the many of the famous brands that are actually their clients, we can find Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Porsche and many more.

They are also attentive to social matters and are willing to stay as a responsible corporate by following the latest policies and guidelines concerning sustainability. Moreover, they established an internal “excellence center”, where they tutor their customers on the use of their products, they develop their employees knowledge on the industry, and also offer training programs for interns.

Returning to the root of our subject, essentially this enterprise is appealing to cooperate with a Chinese company. They aspire to grow and expand their activities in the Chinese market. Furthermore, this partnership will be beneficial for both of the sides, in a way that they can develop in both the Chinese and the European market. Further, this cooperation will let both sides benefit from the expertise and skills already acquired.

Last but not least, this opportunity will grant the investor access to a considerable market, customers’ portfolio, and also to the German manufacturing ability, know-how and expertise.

If you feel responsive about this world leading German manufacturer, if you want to expand to the rest of the world and if you want to acquire the knowledge of developing innovative and ingenious industrial solutions, please express your interest by contacting us so that we can provide you with more information.

Author: Zainab

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