A global shift in perceptions brings opportunities for Chinese shoe-manufacturers

A shoe manufacturer in China.

For decades many brands all over the world have manufactured their shoes in China, the demand for production and their enormous market capacity, resulted in being the most prominent shoe manufacturer in the world. The primary focus was on high quantity production, and Chinese companies were seen as an excellent manufacturing partner for many lower and middle-quality shoe brands. However, a radical shift in perceptions is forecasted for the upcoming five years. The idea of the “Made in China” shoe that was seen as the cheaper and lower quality shoe is going to shift to the shoe which meets all the high-quality standards.

A recent driver of this “Made in China” development is the iconic Paris fashion brand Balenciaga. This year, the brand outsourced the production of some of their footwear lines to Chinese manufacturers. The result; the recognition and appriciation of the quality of “Made in China.”

Producing in China seems to be one of the upcoming trends for high-quality shoes, which provides Chinese based footwear brands a substantial production advantage over their global competitors. With this competitive advantage, Chinese shoe brands have gained the opportunity to grow, and exceed their current market limits by expanding overseas. With the aim to succeed abroad, the brands focus on attracting their potential overseas customers and generate a pull strategy by promoting themselves in various ways.

Nowadays, Chinese brands already put much effort in attracting their new potential markets. Last year, trend watchers noticed a significantly higher amount of Chinese brands that were showing of their collections on international fashion events. Notably, the New York Fashion Week and the MICAM shoe fair were well contributed by Chinese brands last year, which resulted in high global awareness and much appriciation for Chinese fashion and shoe brands.


Li-Ning Showing their collection at the New York Fashion Week 2017.

The most well-known example of a Chinese shoe brand that gained global awareness by presenting its collection at the New York Fashion Week was the Li-Ning brand. The presentation was the result of years of development and focus on the global market. The introduction has led to worldwide awareness, which resulted in a net profit increase of over 27%. After this succes, Li-Ning has become a leading sports fashion brand that represents the Chinese market worldwide.

These current developments indicate significant opportunities for Chinese shoe brands to expand abroad. However, to attract another customer, it is essential to understand the market. To succeed in your process, Swisstank provides you a diverse range of services based on years of experience and in-depth understanding of markets all over the world. We can help your company to be succesful in foreign markets.

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