During the Canton Fair 2018, the largest import and export fair all over the world, Swisstank, in the person of the CEO Bruno Stauffacher, was invited and attended “the promotion conference of Meishan Bamboo industry”.
Meishan, formerly known as Meizhou or Qingzhou (青州), is a prefecture-level city with more than 3,000,000 inhabitants in Sichuan province of China.
During the conference all the features of the bamboo produced in Meishan were shown and well explained. It is an eco-friendly material with a great versatility of use. In fact, it is possible to make many different kinds of products from bamboo, including large objects like typical home furniture, modern accessories for your mobile phone and everyday consumable products, for example, BABO, an ecological bamboo tissue paper.

Do you know…?

Sichuan boasts a bamboo forest area of about 17000000 acres, ranking the first in the country. Meishan is one of the key cities in the development of bamboo industry in Sichuan.
Bamboo can be made into more than 3000 kinds of products. A lot of famous brands such as Channel and Hermes are using banboo elements for their designs.
Bamboo can be a substitute for wood. It is one of the hardest building materials, and its tensile strength is comparable to that of steel. Each square inch can withstand up to 52000 pounds of pressure.


What did we represent?

Thanks to the growing trend and interest in Green EcoFriendly products all over the world and the right support and marketing operations, the bamboo industry can certainly find a large overseas market.

As an important consultant agency in China for many years, Swisstank has been invited to attend the conference in order to create important connections with the government and people that recognize the potentials of overseas market. What’s more, our CEO was invited to have a private meeting with Li Xingqian, the vice mayor of the Meishan City, Xu lin, the county mayor of the Qingshen County, Zheng Liang, the director general of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Qingshen, Pengjuan, the deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Qingshen, and Song Liangyong, the Deputy Secretary of the Hongya County to discuss how to promote the bamboo products of meishan to over sea markets.

Thanks to the knowledge of its CEO Bruno Stauffacher and its team of marketing specialists, Swisstank has already provided support for many chinese companies to extend their business overseas and turn a local business into a wordwide one with better markup and higher profit.

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