Swisstank at Event – Guangzhou Automotive Products Exhibition

From July 1st to July 3rd, Swisstank was exhibiting at the The 27th Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automotive Products, Auto Parts & Post-market Services. The Exhibition was hosted by CIAACE and YASN, exhibiting a versatile range of automotive products and attracting over 3,000 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors.



Did you know?

The exhibition brings over 3000 companies and manufacturers from different areas, ranging from automotive part, car maintenance, car beauty, automotive interior and exterior design, vehicle audio to car membranes. The exhibition has been successfully held for 26 years and it is regarded as the most influential automotive parts exhibition in the significant economic Pearl River Delta Area in China. It provides an international trade platform for automotive parts business insiders around the world. Over 60 countries’ exhibitors have come all the way here to make a deal ambitiously. Our company, Swisstank, was happy to be a part of this event and provided our professional service to all visitors at the exhibition.

Ever since the year 2002 when China joined WTO, the Chinese automotive parts businesses have joined international trade and sells products abroad to over 220 countries, becoming the biggest automotive parts import and export country and continuing to grow yearly. Nowadays, with many years of trade experience and updated automotive products, Chinese automotive enterprises have realised that they need to present themselves more as Chinese brands instead of OEM or ODM manufacturers. Swisstank discovered many of the Chinese companies have large potential to enter and stand out in the foreign market, because they are now able to produce high quality and customized products which could exactly meet the higher standard of foreign customers. We have strong confidence in them representing a brand new image of China in the western market, and we strongly believe that by providing our professional marketing services, we can guide them in successfully entering the overseas market.



What do we represent?

Swisstank, as an innovative strategic partner that helps Chinese businesses explore the overseas market, has bridged numerous enterprises abroad with professional marketing competency. This time, as the “best located booth” commented by one host representative, Swisstank conversed with enterprises that wish to explore the overseas market but are still unsure the process of doing so. Many Chinese automotive parts manufacturers shared with Swisstank their aspiration of entering overseas market. We fully understand their motivations and concerns and are prepared to help.

Swisstank, with extensive business connections and trade experience in Europe, America and China, are strong in helping Chinese automotive businesses rebrand their products so as to better enter overseas markets, transfer their business to enable the enterprises to successfully enter sales channels across western countries.

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