Corporate Investment Advisory

Chinese companies accessing Western markets

The need

Swisstank was founded with the mission to help Western companies enter the Chinese market. Shortly thereafter, we got requests from Chinese companies looking for ways to gain access to Western technologies, brands, markets or investment opportunities. After accompaning several companies through acquisitions, corporate investments or greenfield projects, our success led to an increasing demand therefore it became Swisstank’s major business. Our years of expertise allow us to advise Chinese companies in strategic and cultural aspects. Our extensive network enables us to match investor’s requests with attractive investment opportunities or potential partners for a sustainable success.

Our Service

With our experience in Chinese business dealings as well as the European business culture, we want to help Chinese companies to find a matching investment project and support them during the entire M&A process with strategic and cultural consultancy. In our database, we have not only over 100 investment projects in the field of precision manufacturing, the automotive industry, robotics, biotechnology, medicine and informatics but also the right partners in the government, marketing, finance, legal, HR, business developement and more. Due to our cultural background and network, most of the projects are in Switzerland and Germany.

Our area of expertise

Advisory for Chinese enterprises

Strategic advisory

Developing the right strategy for Chinese companies to be successful in Western markets and in cooperation with their business partners.

Cultural Advisory

Preparing Chinese business owners and managers for the new business culture to get a deep understanding of Western values and decision making processes.


Matching Chinese investors with fitting investment opportunities in the Western market and consulting throughout the entire M&A process.

Our Network

The core focus area for matchmaking

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