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The Potential

An effective marketing strategy can serve as a crucial road map for the entire business. By developing and establishing a coherent and well considered marketing strategy, you can promote your business, court the right types of client and allocate your resources correctly, all while safeguarding the reputation of the firm.

The Solution

Solid analytics and quantifiable sales is what we believe in when developing a marketing strategy for a customer. The first step consists in an in-depth situational analysis where a company is scrutinized and a general profile established, as well as outlining smart strategic objectives and determining actions to be taken to successfully reach the strategic objectives.

The Execution

The second step is a detailed project schedule. Each action taken within the scope of a project will be carefully monitored and evaluated in order to ensure the effectiveness of an action. Any deviation will be countered with corrective measures. Regular client meetings will make the partnership transparent and successful!

Marketing Strategy and Planning – Get your message out there!

Online Marketing

The internet offers a huge potential to reach customers. With the right strategy, you can establish communication with customers through carefully crafted content in the proper selection of channels and lead the customers to the desired actions such as buying your product. Online marketing requires a deep understanding of the local consumers’ online search behavior and the global channel landscape. At SwissTank, we can help you craft your message and optimize your channel mix to establish your presence win your costumer online.


A strong brand is an invaluable asset for the battle of gaining customers. Your brand is your promise to your customer. Continuous investment into a brand is the key to a strong brand equity, a loyal customer base and increased profits. Investing in the brand online is about building an identity that will resonate with customers and keep them coming back. We can help you to create and shape your brand and make it famous. SwissTank provides tailor-made branding programs online and offline.


The greater demand for foreign brands opens the opportunity to many companies to sell directly through the many platforms from which most local consumers buy every day.

Steep growth

With well-established payment and anti-fraud system with millions of internet users overseas, e-commerce has generated revenue growing at a steep rate over the past few years.

Understanding Customers

Understanding how to attract consumers to your brand requires monitoring market trends, implementing innovating marketing strategies, lean fulfillment, great CRM, and a flawless reputation globally.

At SwissTank, we can help you to

1. Test the market, get feedback

Setup online sales in order to get firsthand customer feedback and find out more on how the market is absorbing the product. Stay agile and use the feedback to improve and immediately build a good customer reputation.

2. Find the right partners to grow

After the “Test phase”, you are ready to develop channels and grow your sales numbers. We can help you to find the right partners in your industry with the right channels in hand.


The globally leading platform Taobao is China’s largest online marketplace, with more than 50 million unique users a day, over 800 million products listed, 334 million active buyers globally and a total GMV of 438 billion yuan.


Tmall is one of China’s largest online marketplaces exclusive for local and international brands with 307 million active buyers globally and a total GMV of 275 billion yuan. Its Tmall Global platform has more than 5,400 foreign brands.


Jindong is one of the largest B2C online retailers focused on brands and original products in China with 131.9 million active users and a net revenue of 44.1 billion Yuan. The platforms lists over 40 million SKUs.


WeChat is one of the worlds largest messenger app with 570 million active daily users. The number one messenger in China has over 200 million users registered with credit card information linked to their accounts.

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