Administrative and Legal Services

Get a head start on your operational set-up overseas!

The Challenge

Global administrative and legal landscape represents one of the greatest challenges for foreign businesses setting up operations overseas. Non-transparent processes and a confusing system of licenses and approvals often delay market entries of foreign corporations and incur high costs due to false tax classifications.

The Potential

Timely applications for product approvals, company registrations, trademark security and many more are of utmost importance. This will enable a smooth and efficient market entry overseas and safe time and resources which are crucial in any internationalization process.

The Solution

At SwissTank, we specialize in streamlining the market entry process for foreign corporations, realizing a timely and cost saving set-up of local operations in the world. Due to extensive experiences with foreign administrative and legal system, we can produce needed licenses and approvals on time to prevent delaying your market entry plans.

Foreign administrative barriers – Be prepared and get it right!

  • Company Setup: Foreign Representative Office
  • USD 499
  • All costs included.
  • Company Setup: WFOE (new)
  • USD 799
  • All costs included.
  • Licenses, Accounting and other Services
  • upon request
  • Please contact us.

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Brand Registration and IP

Safeguarding intellectual property rights are often the main concern of enterprises planning to do business overseas since having a registered trademark is the only way to securely protect a brand and therefore past investments. Doing this in a timely manner is favorable to secure exclusive rights on name, logo and design in order to legally defend against imitators. Our SwissTank team can assist your registration efforts to speed up the process and minimize risks of competitors securing rights to your brand under the “first-to-file” trademark system.

Company Registration and Office Set-Up

Where and how to set up the company that perfectly suits your global operations does not solely depend on the legal form of actions. There is a complex array of options to choose from in order to avoid pitfalls, minimize legal risks, maximize government support, access restricted business areas, optimize taxation and much more. At Swisstank, we have built relationships with government bureaus in different industries and cities. This allows us to help you master your business endeavors step by step. Together we will set up a company that perfectly suits your needs.

Licenses and Approvals 

The complex foreign administrative system requires specific licenses and approvals for every step of your international expansion. Especially the limited transparency of the licensing process creates great challenges for foreign enterprises and failure to effectively manage this process can result in additional costs and delays. With our long-standing experience in helping establish our clients’ global operations, we at SwissTank can help you to manage the licensing process in a timely and cost saving manner to streamline your international market entry.

Tax Breaks for Investors

Regardless of the abolishment of special tax breaks for foreign enterprises recently, certain industries and areas are still eligible for tax reliefs and government incentives. Through, for foreign enterprises often difficult to obtain, governmental relationships and a sophisticated knowledge of foreign taxation law, SwissTank can help identify favorable placements and funding opportunities for foreign investments.

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