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China is shifting from an export-driven, low cost producer economy, to a consumer one. China’s more affluent middle class continues to grow and so does the market for foreign goods, as their preferences for well-established reputable brands from abroad become indispensable in their daily lives. This means a greater demand for a vast variety of products, and a great opportunity for foreign brands to enter the market. Penetrating the Chinese market can prove to be a major challenge for many foreign companies. There are many pathways to achieve to successfully invest in China. M&A and Joint Venture strategic alliances will allow you to expand your production capacity, market know-how and gain market access and existing sales channels. We can help your company to overcome any difficulties to set up your own production plant, research center or other businesses in China.

The SwissTank approach

Market Research

With our market research solutions, we can help you gain a deep understanding of market potentials, competitors and investment behaviors. With this, we aim to provide key market insights to help our clients create precise forecasts and make the business planning process more accurate. This will streamline your market entry efforts and eliminate the uncertainty often hindering foreign investors of entering the Chinese market.

Strategy Formulation

After a thorough examination of the Chinese investment landscape, an investment strategy should be formulated. Through this we ensure efficient processes and a streamlined business planning resulting in return oriented investments. At SwissTank, we specialize in creating investment strategies tailored to our clients’ needs.  In combination with our prior market research services, we can effectively target investment opportunities in industries our clients are searching for.

Scouting Trip, Business Partner Acquisition and Investment Facilitation

With clearly defined targets, a first-hand examination of business partners and investment opportunities is favorable. This helps grasp a clear understanding of Chinese business dealings and builds the fundament for future business dealings in China. With our extensive network of business partners and long experience of doing business in China, we can help you find the right business partner to suit your needs and develop a long-term, trust-based relationship with a reliable partner as well as give you the opportunity to inspect possible investment opportunities first-hand.

Administrative and Legal

China’s administrative and legal landscape represents one of the greatest challenges for foreign investors setting up operations in China. Non-transparent processes and a confusing system of licenses and approvals often delay the investment procedure. China’s investment landscape is structured in multiple sections of the investment catalog based on industry specifics and openness to foreign investments. At SwissTank, we specialize in streamlining the investment procedure for foreign investors, realizing a timely and cost saving set-up of local operations in China.

Project Oversight and Relationship Management

After a successful investment in the Chinese market, continuous oversight and management is needed to ensure a smooth transition and the implementation of efficient processes long-term. This in combination with an ongoing development of a trust based relationship with your local business partner will allow your investments to prosper and create the desired returns. At SwissTank, we can help oversee our clients’ investment projects to ensure smooth processes and on-time delivery.

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