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The Challenge

The market entry strategy is the key framework for your expansion into the Chinese market, which is why it is extremely important to get it right the first time. Many variables and external factors must be taken into consideration when planning your China strategy, including a sophisticated understanding of the administrative and legal procedures in China.

The Solution

At SwissTank, we specialize in determining your businesses needs for China to create a tailor-made market entry strategy to fit your needs. Through our end-to-end approach in enabling foreign companies to enter the Chinese market, we are specialized in tailoring your market entry strategy to support future business dealings in China and set you up for long-term growth.

Market Entry Strategy – Your Key to the Chinese Market

Which Strategy fits your Business?

Let us help you! We specialize in the following market entry modes:

Export Management

Easily export your product into the fast growing Chinese market

Joint Venture / M&A

Find or acquire a Chinese partner to quickly grow your business


Start from the ground-up and build your business in China.

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Export Management

Whether you choose to directly- or indirectly export, China is one of the markets with the greatest potential. Demand for foreign products is steadily growing which, in combination with an ever-growing purchasing power of Chinese consumers, creates an attractive environment for foreign brands. At SwissTank, we focus on the end-to-end export management processes. With our expertise in Chinas administrative and legal environment, we quickly help approve foreign products, help with inventory management and set up your sales channel to get your product on the Chinese market in a timely, efficient and secure manner.

Joint Venture

In China, joint ventures are the predominantly used entry mode among foreign enterprises, often even required by the Chinese government. Chinese venture partners use this as a chance to gain exposure to advanced technologies whereas foreign partners profit from low labor and manufacturing costs. At SwissTank, regardless whether you are looking to establish an equity joint venture or a cooperative joint venture, we specialize in finding the right venture partner for you, overseeing and managing the process from the initial contact until the successful joint venture establishment.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The fastest way to grow your China business is to merge with or acquirer an established Chinese enterprise. With decreasing market entry thresholds and increasing capital availability an outbound M&A into mainland China seems like an easy entry into a high potential market. Finding the right target however is key to a successful acquisition and requires in-depth research and analyses. Most overseas M&A failures result from incompatible cultures, over-estimated or non-existent synergies and clash of management styles. At SwissTank, we focus on finding the right M&A target compatible with your company’s long-term strategy and use our extensive knowledge of the Chinese market to prevent these risks.


Building from the ground up provides the most development flexibility without constraints often present when acquiring existing buildings or infrastructure. China’s large low-cost labor force and quantities of undeveloped land make it an attractive option for Greendfield project investors. Choosing the right location and building contractor are crucial in this process. With our extensive knowledge of the Chinese construction market and multiple years’ experience in doing business in China, we can help to plan, set-up and oversee your Greenfield project to ensure high quality and timely completion.

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