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China Insights by Swisstank


China Insights by Swisstank


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About Swisstank

SwissTank is an end-to-end full service consultancy which has made it its mission to bridge the gap between foreign businesses and the Chinese market. With its long experience in Chinese business dealings and its Swiss origin, SwissTank has developed a deep knowledge about foreign market entries and market developments, enabling foreign companies and investors to succeed in the soon to be largest economy globally.

Bruno Stauffacher Founder & CEO

Bruno Stauffacher grew up in Switzerland where he started his first IT company in 1998. In 2007, he moved to China where he later successfully merged the China operations of two Swiss companies and founded Swisstank. With now 10 years of experience in China and degrees in IT, International Management and Entrepreneurship he is leading Swisstank’s multicultural team.