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Internationalization through expertise

Entering the international market can prove increasingly difficult for many foreign companies of all shapes and sizes. In order to successfully enter and continue to succeed in this promising, yet difficult market, an extensive knowledge and experience of the global market and its administrative procedures are of utmost importance. At SwissTank, we specialize in end-to-end market entry approaches, supporting your brand and business from market research and strategy formulation until successful implementation and continuous controlling and conflict management. With this approach we aim to enable foreign enterprises a smooth and successful entry overseas.

The SwissTank approach

Market Research

With our market research solutions, we can help you gain a deep understanding of market potentials, competitors and international business dealings. With this, we aim to provide key market insights to help our clients create precise forecasts and make the business planning process more accurate. This will streamline your market entry efforts and eliminate the uncertainty often hindering foreign businesses of entering the global market.

Strategy Formulation

Getting your strategy right before entering the global market is crucial to setting up successful operations in the world. When developing your market entry strategy for the international market, many variables such as the mode of entry, finding the right location and identifying your target market must be taken into account. With our experience in developing strategies to enable successful market entries for foreign companies, we can support your market entry efforts and develop a market entry strategy tailored to your business needs.

Administrative and Legal

The administrative and legal landscape represents one of the greatest challenges for foreign businesses setting up operations globally. Non-transparent processes and a confusing system of licenses and approvals often delay market entries of foreign corporations and incur high costs due to false tax classifications. For a smooth and efficient market entry, timely applications for product approvals, company registrations, trademark security and many more are of utmost importance. At SwissTank, we specialize in streamlining the market entry process for foreign corporations, realizing a timely and cost saving set-up of local operations overseas.

Marketing and Business Development

After a successful legal set-up of operations, emphasis should be put on brand and business development. Only with a deep understanding on local consumer and business behavior a brand can be strongly established in the international market, which is crucial for local buying behavior. By connecting our marketing services with our expertise in global business development, SwissTank can help you set your business up for long-term success overseas.

Cultural Management

The way business is being done overseas varies greatly from other cultures and is rooted deeply in international cultural history. In order to successfully set-up any global operation, a clear understanding of the local business culture and etiquette are of utmost importance. Failure to do so will not only hurt any business negotiation overseas but can even lead to the termination of such. With our cultural management, we aim to successfully manage our clients businesses through the foreign cultural landscape to ensure maximum value for foreign businesses.

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