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With recent developments, potential consumers are increasingly moving online, making the e-commerce sector a continuous driver of economic growth globally. Rising internet penetration rates and increasing smartphone ownership will continue to let the international e-commerce market grow. While Amazon dominates the global market, other e-commerce giants have a large presence in local markets, such as Alibaba in China, thus setting challenges for foreign companies to place their brand in foreign e-commerce platforms. At SwissTank, we specialize in managing the placement process end-to-end, starting by conducting in-depth market research as well as registering and approving your products to providing online marketing services and testing and optimizing your online presence.

The SwissTank approach

Market Research

With our market research solutions, we can help you gain a deep understanding of market potentials, competitors and online shopping behaviors. With this, we aim to provide key market insights to help our clients create precise forecasts and make the business planning process more accurate. This will streamline your market entry efforts and eliminate the uncertainty often hindering foreign businesses of entering the global market.

Brand Registration and Product Approval

Before selling your products on foreign e-commerce platforms, some administrative and legal procedures must be handled beforehand. Having your brand registered overseas will protect your products and your whole brand from being copied and will allow you to establish your brand overseas in the long-term. This in combination with having your products approved for the foreign market will save time and prevent costly lawsuits. At SwissTank, we can handle these administrative and legal procedures for you in order to set-up your global operations quickly.


The right placement without a clear message to communicate to the local consumer won’t realize your products’ potential in this huge market. Competition is tough and many local competitors try to gain market share from foreign brands with low-price strategies. The right marketing is therefore key to leverage your products’ full potential and successfully implement your brand in the global e-commerce landscape. With our extensive online marketing background and deep understanding of foreign online shopping behavior, we can help implement your brand in the global e-commerce market and set your products up for success.

Sales and Operations

After having successfully researched the market, undergone administrative and legal procedures as well as implemented a targeted marketing strategy, your products must be listed on foreign e-commerce platforms and set-up for warehousing and distribution. At SwissTank, we can support your brand by using our longstanding experiences and networks to ensure efficient operations.

Project Oversight

Successful e-commerce operations require constant testings and improvements to adapt to an ever-changing environment. After successfully establishing your brand in foreign e-commerce landscapes and placing your products, we continue to test and improve current processes to ensure quality placements and efficient logistical processes. This will secure your leadership position and implement your brand long-term.

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