SwissTank Mission

Our mission was to improve the overall brand image of Pepsi by reaching out for a new and young audience and creating an unforgettable customer brand experience to win loyal Pepsi fans and therefore increase sales.

What we did

  1. Mobile Game and App

In order to reach the target group, we developed a mobile “Jump & Run” game for WeChat, China’s top instant messaging service app. With lucky draws and red pocket money rewards for the top ranking list of players, we draw the attention and ambition of the users. Within one month, over 100’000 players downloaded the app, providing useful statistical data.

A second app, planned, programmed, designed, managed and hosted by SwissTank, counted down the days until going home for Chinese New Year. Every day there was the chance to win red pocket money between 1 and 888 RMB or one of 10 smartphones plus access to promotional Pepsi videos and music. Due to broad advertisement online as well as offline in TV, metro, taxi and bus, several 100’000 players used the app within a 13 days period. This app was again a big success as it combined an unique brand experience with a personalized brand association.


  1. Event Management

Another way of increasing the brand image was by organizing a carnival music concert and advertising via WeChat, social media and flyers. Apart from the marketing and professional photography, SwissTank also cooperated with partners such as HSBC, Heng Yao Group and more. Chinese and Hong Kong stars performed at the Canton Tower creating a unique brand experience.

Following this success, SwissTank was responsible for the marketing and sales of Pepsi’s Color Run festivals all over China. This included the management of the official WeChat account, social media marketing, PR, design, photography and the cooperation with the sponsors HSBC, Heng Yao Group, Paulaner and more.

All in all, SwissTank cooperated with Pepsi in 53 events in different cities across China.

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