Starting point

3CEMS, one of the biggest multinational EMC companies worldwide with 16’000 employees in Mainland China, Taiwan and the USA, focused mainly on operations when they contacted us in 2011. The building of a corporate identity, marketing design and online presence was less important to their business.

SwissTank Mission

As 3CEMS realized that due to the lack of online marketing they faced problems to acquire new clients, they approached SwissTank to get support in creating a corporate identity, redesigning their marketing material and improving their website.

What we did

Therefore, SwissTank created a new corporate identity by designing flyers, brochures, business cards, calenders and other company material. Furthermore, a clearer marketing position as well as a more explicit advertising and PR strategy was defined to provide a basis for an improvement of customer touch points in presentations, company pitches, customer presents and give-aways. The establishment of a new website in line with the corporate identity ensured the company to also reach national and international contacts online.


3CEMS moved from an unknown company to the new industry leader, being able to improve the quotation requests by 50% within 4 months, and sales by 35%. The new corporate identity and improved market reach was the basis for a diversification of the target segments and access to new markets

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