There is an ever-growing number of channels and tools available for online marketing. As a large deal of Western platforms are not available in China without the use of a VPN or Chinese copycats serve local user’s demand better, this is a whole new world for foreign companies. In this section we’d like to introduce you to only the most important channels for your business in the China.


WeChat is an easy to use, free messaging and calling app available for multiple languages. It allows instant communication with photo and video sharing, voice chatting with over 700 million active users in China adding to the users in south-east Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Hong Kong.

Furthermore the app can be used to pay bills, order goods and services, transfer money to other users, and pay in stores if the stores have WeChat payment option. For companies there are three types of official accounts: service account, subscription account and enterprise account.


Weibo is the Chinese word for “microblog” and refers to several Twitter-like services, the most popular one being Sina Weibo. It is itself a search engine, hosting abound 50 billion searches per month—more than Yahoo! and Bing combined. With 404,000 enterprise Weibo accounts and 484 million Weibo users, it has significant impact on your social authority score.

Answer Platforms

Q&A Platforms like Baidu Zhidao, Yahoo Knowledge Temple, Sina Ask, Tianya Q&A and SOSO Ask are not only where you can ask a question and seek for help, but also a powerful tool for various marketing purposes. Helping others can always be an effective way to attract attention and build a reputation.

Video Channels

Video is the perfect intersection of online video marketing, social media engagement and search engine visibility. The main reason to create an own video channel is the SEO benefit. Video currently gets over 2 billion views per day and is the fastest growing search engine. The main platforms are Youku, Tudou, Sohu and iQiYi.

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