The 4th of March is famous not only because of the fact that this is an International Open Data Day (you didn’t know that, did you? :)), but also because the Poly World Trade Center in Guangzhou gathered more than 800 exhibitors and 40,000 professional visitors at the exhibition GD Water in 2017. Swisstank has over 100 foreign companies in its portfolio which are looking for ways to enter the Chinese market or cooperate with Chinese companies. In our mainly technology heavy portfolio there are around 10 companies in the water industry.

The Swisstank team was invited as VIP guests to look at companies’ products in the field of water saving technologies and water treatment technologies. The VIP section offered a platform to meet exhibitors in a special lounge to network and seek for potential partners for the European companies in our portfolio. The team further used the opportunity to extend their network with potential clients, partners and other foreign guests at the exhibition.

Did you know…?

  1. China’s wastewater pipe network can circle the earth 10 times.
  2. China’s crackdown on water pollution is good for business.
  3. In its twelfth Five Year Plan, the Chinese government allocated about $110 billion per year for environmental protection and pollution control, including wastewater and solid waste treatment.

Well, we did not know about some of these facts from the water industry and therefore we were happy to talk about the current topics of how technology can help to solve problems in connection to water consumption and purification in Guangdong province and beyond.

What did we represent?

Swisstank has a diverse range of services and helps companies in the water industry find partners and customers abroad and carry out marketing research in Europa or China. We can even help your company go abroad. Thanks to working with other companies in this field, we have the expertise that can help you to be successful in the market.

Do you want to know more about our solutions? Check here!

We also would like to thank the organizers of this event at the European American Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their effort and support.

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